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Ipswich's Heritage Weekend

Ipswich’s Masonic Hall is pleased to take part in Ipswich’s Heritage Weekend in September each year.     

This is an event which is organised under the auspices of Heritage England when most of the buildings in Ipswich of historic or architectural interest are opened to the general public.  Access to these buildings is not only free but not normally possible at other times.  

During Ipswich’s Heritage Weekend a team of 6-8 Ipswich Feemasons are on hand to answer all and any questions that you may wish to put to them.   Up to 300 Ipswich residents a day have used this opportunity in the past to become better informed about Freemasonry and its role in society – both nationally and at local level – and some of the charitable causes it has supported. 

Heritage Open Days are co-ordinated by The Ipswich Society – more information can be found on their website

Group Tours

A guided tour of Ipswich’s Masonic Hall is offered by Masonic Hall Ipswich Ltd.   

Tours must be pre-booked and are only available for organised parties (min age-16) of 15-25 people.   Tours will be by agreement on a week-day morning when the Hall is free and will typically start at 10.30am and last approximately 1 hr 45 mins.  There is a charge of £3.00 per person.   

Coffee and biscuits (included) will be arranged on arrival which can be enjoyed in our Dining Hall whilst your host (a local freemason) welcomes you and provides an introductory background to this Grade II Listed Building and its historic role as a home for Freemasonry in Ipswich.    Your host will then take you on a tour of the hall and show you the layout of the building and explain the history and purpose of the various rooms and the significance of the various interesting artefacts.

If you are interested in a tour please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your group.

Please note – no photos and guide dogs only.